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Love jihad: NIA claims involvement of Popular Front women leader

NEW DELHI: One of the national media has reported that the NIA has found out that it is Sainaba, president of the women’s wing of Popular Front, which is believed to have terrorist intentions, who is giving leadership to the ‘love jihad’ in Kerala that converts non Islam girls into their religion in the name of love.

The police have already found out that there is an active ‘Dawa Squad’ that believes in radical ideologies live in Kerala, and they mostly target young men or women from the Ezhava community with good educational qualification and affiliation to the CPM.

These information were revealed after a preliminary investigation by the NIA in the Fadia (Akhila Ashokan) case in Kerala. The NIA has also found out that Sainaba is also behind the forceful conversion of Pallakad native Athira Nambiar into Islam.

The NIA also pointed out that Sainaba has connections with radical institutions like Popular Front, SDPI, and Marksol ‘Sathya Sarani’. There are also evidences of Sainaba’s followers getting involved in both Akhila and Athira’s cases.

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